What is a recommended normal garden maintenance program to Create ‘Impact’ without wasting any money?

In this post, Bevan Pulley of The Professional Landscapers and Belinda discuss?a typical maintenance program to create ?Impact? without wasting any money.

Of course depending on the size of the garden, a good, well-maintained lawn is key to presentation. Make sure your lawns are kept well in the growing season and mown at least every two weeks, as a minimum. Again, it defines the areas that make the home presentable.

With regard to gardening maintenance, everything is budget-oriented. We recommend to tend to a garden every two weeks, but most of the time, it’s a monthly visit to the gardens to shape hedge plants and manage all over health.? When we set up a maintenance program, we prefer to schedule it every two weeks. Every second visit will be an extended period to tend to plant health, trim hedges etc.? Of course, depending on the size of the property, what sort of garden it is, how many plants there are, we will bring ladders, etc.??

The weeds obviously, grow as fast as plants. We make sure plants are growing with each other and keep them under control. Plants are scheduled to get more attention at the right time of year and cut backs in the winter months and get everything set up for the springtime – we mulch, fertilise and boost. We can get the garden kickstarted if it?s not maintained, but my tip is to stay on top of it monthly.??

Maintaining regularly means you’re not wasting any money because you’re not doing rescue work. Preventative maintenance is much better than rework and gardening, if you can prevent plants dying or prevent the rescuing it is a lot better for all involved including the plants and more opportunity for the plants to stay healthy by not having to cope with the cutting back. It’s also a lot more cost effective to maintain regularly rather than paying to rescue in one big effort.

If you are a Rightsizer or downsizing is on the radar and you feel you’re keeping up with it, think about the future.? No one particularly likes sore knees and getting down and attending to this stuff for hours and hours and hours, and it gets some harder to do.? So if you can even take a little bit of the stress off by having some help, do it!. You’re then also heading towards a good presentation processing in the medium term anyway.

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